Who is Tara Panagiota?

Who am I? That is the exact question that has led me on to my spiritual path. I like to view myself as a spiritual warrior, but most know me as the "card girl". A young greek girl from New York City.. I've always been fascinated with the mysteries of life. The majority of my time is spent researching and studying two of what I consider to be the hidden gems of this world.. The Card System & Vedic Astrology. Both of which have been a major outlet for me... A turbulent childhood in which I had to grow up extremely young has led me to continuously ask myself many questions . "Why Me?  What is the purpose of my life? Why now? What next?" Questions, I am not alone in asking. A journey into self-truths and higher knowledge eventually led me to astrology. Most people are drawn to astrology for these same exact reasons but unfortunately are made to seem foolish by "mainstream society"  and those that know nothing more of astrology other than reading their sun sign column in a newspaper which does not show the real merit of astrology, a truly complex science. The more I learn this science, the more I understand my life just a little bit more.  My goal by teaching this is to provide guidance to anyone that seeks some clarity in their lives. DISCLAIMER: I am not god or a prophet nor would I like to be perceived as such. I am not all knowing, the universe is far greater, but if I can help provide even the slightest amount of guidance in a positive sense, then teaching this must have "been in the cards" for me!

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